Monday, 16 January 2012

Out of Character

This week I very nearly did something so out of character that I shocked myself.

I didn't do it but I really considered it.

Through events and circumstances beyond my control the opportunity seems now to have passed me by.    I'm made up that these events happened as it has made the day of a new friend but I'm sad as it seems to have cost me this opportunity.  I'm not sure whether I would have taken up the offer or not but now I'm not sure whether to be pleased or regret that I didn't.  It offered the chance to step completely outside my comfort zone and be someone else for a while.  That was exciting.  I thought about it so much last night I couldn't sleep.

I think, quite literally now, the boat has sailed.

I, for reasons that escape me, feel sad and a little let down. I'm also a little concerned that I have left myself vulnerable.  Is that good or bad?

I have fallen from the dizzy heights of newness and excitement and have dropped with a bump back into my very ordinary life.   A missed new venture perhaps ...

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