Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Cheer

This was the last week of the Autumn term, and a hugely busy week it was.

We had our Christmas concert at church which went very well, the children sang beautifully and joyfully and (in some cases) reduced their parents to tears - in a good way of course!  We had our Christmas party which was enjoyed by all the children and a visit from Father Christmas, who said I'd been very good, made everyone's day.  I took my lovely little choir to sing at a local rest home too...

We arrived just after lunch at a very very hot rest home. The children were melting, we piled coats and jumpers high on a table and undid top buttons.  Our audience, of course, needed the room that warm and didn't realise why we were all turning bright red!  We sang all the songs from our Christmas concert for them.  They sang beautifully and I couldn't have been more proud of them.  They were in an entirely new situation in a place they didn't know with people they didn't know.  Lots of old ladies and gentlemen calling out "Aren't they lovely!", " Don't they sing beautifully",  "I can see you all you know" and "Oh isn't it wonderful". All very complementary but all called out or discussed loudly with the person sitting next them during our singing.  Some even joining in but singing the wrong words or at the wrong time.   My little choir carried on and continued to sing no matter what went on around them, no one so much as glanced away to see what was happening.   I was and am extremely proud of them.

We definitely brought a great deal of Christmas cheer to the folks in that rest home and will be doing so again next year I hope.

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