Monday, 5 December 2011

Changing Years

As I said in my previous post I have recent changed to teaching a junior class.  Some parts of it I like better, some parts of it I find harder but I wasn't prepared for today.

Today I heard a 7 year old tell his friends there was no such thing as Father Christmas. 

I was not ready to deal with this.  He told them that he definitely didn't exist, that their grown ups were wrong and they were silly.  I quickly intervened, said I believed in Father Christmas and how else could you explain all the presents (grown ups couldn't possibly manage to get all of those ready in one night!) and scooped the child to a quiet corner to ask him not to be so unkind and spoil it for others.  His response was "But he isn't real!"  I said he could believe whatever he wanted but it wasn't fair to say it wasn't true to others who did believe it. He shrugged and repeated "but he isn't".

Today I am a very sad Year 3 teacher and am missing the Christmas magic of Reception.

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