Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Something new

Last weekend I went to see one of my favourite comedians.  He makes me laugh till my face hurts (in a good way!). Though I was not expecting there to be one, as there wasn't for his previous tour, he had a support act.  This act was also brilliant and I have spent much of this week singing his silly comedy songs to myself and others! 

Because of some mischief that I now know is being created by one of these two comedians, I ventured into the world of Twitter for the first time this week. 

I don't get it!

I have found a few famous faces to follow and am waiting for something to happen.  Random tweets that others (people I don't know and are not famous) have posted appear on my profile, these have apparently been "retweeted" by the celebrities I am following.  Mostly I cannot work out why.  I'm hoping for a revelation.  I shall wait and see.

Well back to the silly songs!

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