Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Internet Dating

As part of my new start I have once again delved into internet dating sites.  I have done this before with very little luck.  This time however I sent a contact request and was pleasantly surprised to get a reply.  We chatted for a a while, he seemed very nice and he obviously thought I was too as very quickly I got a "how about a date?" message.  Hooray! I thought and said that would be nice.  We chatted again the following day and continued to get on well, finding mutual interests and common points of view. For the first time in a long time I was actually excited about the prospect of a date and meeting this man. 

Then the bombshell fell.  He sent me a test saying he wouldn't be able to meet me now because he and his ex had decided to get back together.  Turns out that their split was very recent (within a week) and they'd decided to give things another go.

Now to be fair, he did apologise for "messing me about" but if their split was that recent, why was he, for want of a better word,  advertising himself online already?    No harm done. I had invested little time.  But I was very disappointed.  So here is my small plea ...  if you are online, please make sure you are actually available and are not still attached to your ex.  This is very unfair to those of us who are actually seeking a relationship.

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