Friday, 20 July 2012

I made it

Well here I am at the end of term.  The school year is over and I made it.  My first year in a new year group is complete and I am still standing - just.

This year has been an enormous challenge and I am proud of myself for rising to it.  I have found this year extremely difficult, with everything being new and so much to learn both in my new curriculum and in strategies for working with older children.

I confess that there has not been a single minute of this year that I have felt on top of things and mostly I have been paddling furiously from one task to the next hoping to reach it before I went under.  I have made many many mistakes which hopefully I have learned from and next year will not make.  I have tried new strategies - some of which have been successful, some have not and some have worked some of the time but not always. I have learned lots about many topics but realise I have lots more still to learn.

I'm in the same year group again next year and I'm hoping it will be easier as at least I'll know where to begin and have some knowledge of what and how I should be teaching. 

I am completely exhausted.

But I made it!

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